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MT Towing Camarillo has a large fleet of trucks to deal with all kinds of towing jobs. No job is too big or too small for us. From the standard cars to big rigs and tanks, we can tow all types of vehicles for all kinds of situations. We have a team of professional drivers who can help you transport a broad range of light and heavy duty vehicles like dump trucks, military vehicles, construction equipment, school buses, motor homes, tractor trailers and more. Feel free to call us anytime. One of our representatives will entertain you and answer your questions.

Our fleet is equipped with dollies and wheel lift to tow vehicles properly and safely. You rest assured that your vehicle won't sustain any damage during the towing process. We are available 24/7, so you can call us anytime. We offer the following services:

Light Duty and Heavy Duty Towing Service

We have been in business for a long time, so we know what to do to tow your vehicle. We have state-of-the-art trucks and recovery units, so we can deal with any towing or recovery challenge. We can also handle quick removal of abandoned and illegally parked vehicles in parking lots, town homes and apartments.


Accidents happen. Our drivers will be there for you right away. They are trained on how to deal with roll over situations. Whether the vehicle is upturned, stuck in the mud or submerge in the lake, you can trust us to recover it for you. Our trucks are armed with the highest quality winch lines, so you don't have to worry even if you are stuck in a pothole, snow or mud. Just call us and expect one of our drivers to arrive at the site quickly. Contact us for your recovery needs. We will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.


If you have a car with four flat tires, just call us. It doesn't matter whether you have a luxury car like a Ferrari or if your vehicle has been involved in an accident. Our trucks have "drive-on" decks that can lower to the ground to secure your vehicle. Whether it is a damaged vehicle, rare car or specialty equipment, you are assured that we can do a good job without causing any damage to your vehicle. For your flatbed needs, feel free to call us anytime!

Specialty Tows

If you need to have your luxury car towed, you can expect us to do a great job for you. Perhaps you want to relocate your vehicle or tool box, but you don't know how. Allow us to do it for you. If you don't have the right tools, it is best that you leave the job to the professionals. Our drivers are skilled and trained to deal with any kind of towing job with concern and care for your property. We can tow low profile and luxury cars, tool boxes, skid steers, forklifts and more. If you have a special request, just tell us. We also offer boosts, unlocks, tire changes, air supply and fuel delivery. Feel free to call us anytime for your towing needs. We are always happy to help.

Off Road Recovery

We also offer off road vehicle recovery, trailer transportation and storage, medium and heavy duty recovery, truck or trailer decking, air cushion recovery, load shifts and transfer and forklift service

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